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Welcome to YTaoPal!

This site belongs to TaoBei GongYingLian FuWu Co. Ltd.

By using YTaoPal as your China's online shopping agent, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Privacy Statement

Clients' privacy is always our first concern. All the information collected in the whole process of your shopping will be used purely for carrying out your instructions and informing you about the order process. This information will never be released to a third party.

Our service

We act as your online shopping agent, buying items from Taobao or any other online shops per your request, giving suggestions on what you want to buy, and deliver the items to you. We do not sell any products. If there are items displayed on our websites, we just put them there for your convenience, and they are linked to a third party.

Delivery time

On average, domestic delivery takes 2-5 days to arrive at our office. International delivery takes 5-7 days by EMS, 3-6 days by DHL, and 10-20 days by air mail. However, we cannot control the time accurately and we are not liable to any delay in delivery. What we can help is to buy and deliver the items at the earliest time, ask for information and feedback to you in time. The risk of loss or damage to your parcel shall pass to delivery company upon international shipping.


You can cancel your order anytime, but make sure you read our refund policy. When you cancel your order after the items arrive at our office and before international shipping, we can help you negotiate with the seller for cancellation, but we do not guarantee the result. If the result is positive, we will return the items to the seller but the domestic fee will be charged on your account. If the result if negative, all the fees you have paid will not be returned.


We will return the items to the seller for an exchange or refund if they are defective when arriving at our office. This will be free of charge.

In the event of quality problem after your parcel has arrived to you, if the items are under warranty, we will help you return them for an exchange or refund; if they are not under warranty, we can help you negotiate with the seller for an exchange or refund. In either situation above, we will do it for free. But any expenses incurring in the process, including international shipping fee and domestic delivering fee will be on you.


We try our best to make your China's online shopping enjoyable and try to offer you reliable information, but we cannot promise that our website's contents will always be accurate and up-to-date, and we are not responsible for some small inaccuracies in it.

The most important duty for us is to help you buy what you want and push forward the whole buying process. We act like a bridge between you and the seller. We have no control over the items' quality or function which seller put on their websites, and do not guarantee the safety, or legality of items you want to buy.


These Terms of Service and any separate agreements whereby we provide you Services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of UK

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