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Taobao Tips

Tips 1:

You have to search on Taobao all in Chinese, Here are some words in Chinese characters we always use.

English Chinese
Dress 连衣裙
Skirts 短裙
Jeans 牛仔
T-shirt T恤
Coat 大衣
Sweater 毛衣
Knitwear 针织
Dust coat 风衣
Jacket 夹克
Hoody 卫衣
Shorts 短裤
High-heels 高跟
Flats 平底鞋
Boots 靴子
Under wear 内衣/内裤
Socks 袜子
Sun hat 遮阳帽
Peak Cap 鸭舌帽
Baseball hat 棒球帽
Scarves 围巾
Gloves 手套

Tips 2:

In order to buy good items, you need to choose good taobao seller first. The most simple criteria would be the sellers' reputation grades. Usually, the reputation grades are marked by these icons: Crowns, Diamonds, Red hearts.The Crowns icon means the highest reputation, while red hearts means the lowest. The higher the reputation is, the more successful transactions the seller has handled.

Tips 3:

You can see the comments on each item on taobao here:

Maybe you can't understand what people say, but you can see some pictures those buyers showed

If you deeply want any items, but you can't find on taobao, just email us, maybe we can help :)

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