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Payment Methods

For our convenience,we use balance payment system.

You need to recharge before making an order and then use the balance to pay for items fee, international fee, etc.

1. Recharge by Credit/Debit Card.

Payment transaction charge: 4.4% + 0.3 USD

2. Recharge by

Please find the nearest Western Union agent or go to Western Union online to transfer money to this account:

First name Tao
Last name Wang
City Hangzhou
Country CHINA

After you have sent money to the above Western Union account, please send us your payment information as soon as possible for confirmation. Your payment information includes:

1. Amount


3.Sender's First Name/Last Name

4.MTCN (10 numbers only)

Note: 1) We only accept USD for Western Union payment. 2) Please do not set fixed exchange rate when you pay, or we can not withdraw the payment.

Western Union transfer charges(Cost is a little different in different countries and regions)

Amount/$ Charges/$
0.01 - 500.00 15
500.01 - 1000.00 20
2000.01 - 5000.00 30
5000.01 - 7500.00 40

3.Recharge by

Ytaopal bank wire transfer information is as follows:

Bank name China Merchants Bank, H.O. Shenzhen, China
Bank Address
China Merchants Bank Tower NO.7088, Shennan Boulevard, Shenzhen, China.

Account number 6214 8376 9161 3552
Swift code CMBCCNBS
First Name Kunxi
Last Name Liu

Note: When you make payment via bank transfer, please do not write order ID in the payment details, or the bank may consider it as some dangerous code and may return the payment, so please only write your name in payment details.

4. Recharge by Bitcoin

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